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Login to your Plexus Virtual Office to view business stats, training tools, and other resources provided by the corporate Plexus team.

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Login to collaborate with other Plexus Ambassadors. Get motivated, uplifted and inspired as you engage with others within and outside your org. Ask questions, share your wisdom, and learn how to build a legacy Plexus business.

Value of the $199 WPs

The best way to welcome a new Plexus Ambassador is to introduce them to the value of the $199 Welcome Packs, as they offer the deepest discount one can get ever get on Plexus products!

64 Connections List

So you're ready to start sharing Plexus? This doc will help you create a list of people you can help. Learn how to most effctively use this list by enrolling in the Simple Success course.

Daily IPA Worksheet

One of the best ways to ensure the growth of your Plexus business is to commit to completing Income Producing Activities (IPAs) every single day.

Diamond Documentaries

Don't stop, until you reach the top! Watch the inspiring documentaries of over 100 people who have achieved the highest rank to which a Plexus ambassador can aspire.

My Plexus Print (Swag Shop)

Get some sweet Plexus swag for you and your team! You can also order business cards and other promotional business building materials.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest news, and announcements from the Plexus corporate teams, in the official Plexus blog!