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Rinse & Repeat

Here Today

Jewel Bound Tomorrow!

Way to go! If you have come this far, then you’ve taken your first BIG step towards the success you desire and deserve! On the daily, keep adding to your list of names of friends, family, and people you meet who can be blessed by the Plexus opportunity, and products. Also, set a goal and keep up with your commitment to send at least 5 messages each day, using the instructions and message samples in the Simple & Steady lesson.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to make every message about Plexus! In fact… you shouldn’t! Be natural. Be real. Be authentic! If you’re connecting with a person you haven’t messaged in years, you may want to invest in reconnecting and catching up before raving about Plexus. BUT… BUT… BUT… don’t be scared to start raving about Plexus to people, out of the blue, where it makes sense. Don’t let your fear or doubt stop you from getting straight to the “Plexus” point!

When you’ve got a person interested, then you’re ready to move on to Step 2 – Get on the Phone

This is the end of Step One!