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Leading A 3-Way Message

After a friendly greeting and expressing your excitement to help them, send this message…

“Do you struggle with any of the following symptoms?”

Then, share the Candida Overgrowth Symptoms graphic (download, below) Then…

“Any autoimmune disorders?”

Then…..”Do you take RX meds, and if so, for what?”

Download + Share this chart…

Use the Plexus Product Reference Catalog for US or Canada to determine what can provide them with the most benefits.


I’m sorry that you’re struggling with that, ______. I’m so hopeful for you, though, because Plexus has helped so many people with those same issues! Would you like to find a testimonial or 2 from our group that ______(potential) may relate too and send it to (him/her), _______(ambassador)?”

While we work on sharing some testimonials you might like, ______, let’s talk about which products you would most benefit from. It sounds like you would do best starting with: (Example: Triplex and work up to an aggressive dose on Probio5 the 2nd month, on, until all symptoms are gone for a couple months, then gradually back down for maintenance. Or…… Balance Combo (Canada) or Loading dose of Ease and Nerve, etc….

Are you ready to go over ordering options?

Once they say yes to ordering options, send this message…

Great! There are 3 different ways to order and honestly it will be so much quicker and easier to go over on the phone. Could we jump on a quick 3-way call (now/after SPECIFIC_TIME_TODAY?) ⚠️ This should be the same day, whenever possible. They will often lose interest or talk themselves out of it the longer it takes.

If Ready for Order Options ➞ Schedule Call


If Not Ready for Order Options ➞ Send this message…


Would it be helpful if I sent you a quick video about the products I mentioned?” If YES, then send one of the following videos, based upon your recommendations:

  1. Triplex: https://youtu.be/vkrTvHdrdg8
  2. Balance Combo: https://youtu.be/ntoHQMi00qU
  3. Joyome: https://youtu.be/ACugU7UqpdE
  4. Or find a short video that is suitable for their needs based on product recommendations…

Follow video after giving sufficient time to watch with this message…

Was there anything you could relate to from that video?” or “What stood out to you in that video?

Continue the conversation. Do they have further questions or concerns that you could help with? Are they now ready to go over ordering options?

This is the end of Step Two!