Simple Success


Course Description

It can be scary to open your mouth or write a post on social media because you were just introduced to Plexus and you don’t feel like an expert. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an expert! In this course we will give you the confidence you need, to help you as you take your first simple steps to success!

Special thanks to Diamond Ambassador, Whitney Warr, for providing the scripts and content for this course!

Learning Outcomes

  • How to jump start your Plexus business
  • How to get your Plexus products for free
  • How to use message templates to share Plexus
  • How to build and grow a list of potential Ambassadors
  • How to help yourself and others with the Plexus opportunity
  • When and how to apply each step of the three steps to success  🙌

Course Content

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 2 hours


Jordan is a Community Developer, Education Aficionado, Instructional Designer, and Growth Hacker. For the past decade, he has helped build and scale three software startups. Now he runs a consulting business and emphasizes the use of technology to develop scalable learning initiatives and to optimize business processes.


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    Super Helpful

    Being one who never has the right words to say, I really appreciated how this course went step by step in showing me how to naturally share this product and how I could teach OTHERS how to share it too which helped grow my business one ambassador at at time!
  • Kirk

    Fantastic Course!

    I started using Plexus and loved the products but from the start, I was scared to share them with others. I honestly thought I'd just buy my Tri-plex for the rest of my life and though it was worth the expense. But now I'm at a point where I want to help others experience the life-changing effects that I have!


    This course gave me the confidence and the resources I needed to be able to start sharing Plexus with others. Thanks to all who were involved in developing and freely sharing this course!

Your Roadmap to Success!

  • 16 Short Lessons
  • Video Instruction
  • Message Templates
  • Quick Exercises
  • Lifetime Access
  • Completion Certificate