Silver in Seven

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Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 10 weeks

Day 7


welcome to our last day of silver and seven challenge

first thing I want to say is a super proud of all of you that have hung in there stuck with the challenges have watch the videos have done the tasks and have really put you all into these past several days so proud of you let’s look at our goal let’s look at what we’ve done so far our goal was to go silver in seven days right what have we done to pursue that goal we have created our print list we have expanded our craigslist we have attempted to expand our network by adding new Facebook friends we have put ourselves out there in public just living our day to day life and looking for ways to bring up plexus so we can continue to expand we’ve talked about follow up and the importance of follow up in your business how vitally important is to your success we’ve talked about a lot of things this week a lot of things that will help propel you forward in your business you guys this isn’t magic these are the things you need to be doing every single week in order to be successful now let’s talk about silver let’s say you didn’t reach that goal that’s okay you keep the same goal whether it was to go silver for the first time or to go silver again you just change the timeline so let’s say that you got tuner ambassadors in past several days awesome you may not get that third today but keep going for it and if you don’t that is not failure I cannot stress that to you in that it is not failure we just have to change up our timeline there’s been often times that I have set goals and I’ve gone for it with all that I have and I fell just a bit short I just reset my timeline I was gonna do it the next month or the next week your business is that much further down the road and that much further along and stronger because you went all-in and you went for it I want to talk to you a little bit about commitment let’s say you have this huge tree out in your front yard and you want to get it knocked down it’s just an eyesore for whatever reason it’s blocking your path and you’re like okay I’m getting this tree down so you go outside and you hit it once with a big axe right you hit it one time you came back in sit down you scroll through Facebook next morning you go out and you hit it one more time really hard with your axe one time come back in you watch Grey’s Anatomy Everybody Loves Raymond those are the first shows that popped in my mind and you go about your day the third day you go out and you hit it again you chop it really hard one time you come back in and you you sit down we do some chores you hang out you scroll through Facebook and so on eventually when you get the tree cut down probably it’s gonna take you a good amount of time but what if every single day you went outside of you committed to to chopping it with your axe 20 times 30 times 40 times a day you’re gonna get that tree down you’re gonna get that goal accomplished much faster than if you just take a SWAT at it once a day you guys got toughest business in it this is your journey you get to choose the pace but you set the pace of your business I can promise you that when I committed to this business I committed to a full year of hard hard work giving it all that I had the sentence I said to myself over and over and over again with short-term sacrifice that sometimes was painful short-term stacker five for the long-term gain for the long-term picture that I’ve envisioned for my life for my family’s life for my sweet little girl for providing for her for providing financial freedom for my family so ask yourself that do you want to swat at it really hard once a day or do you want to go all in and commit to this process commit to the work that it takes again this isn’t magic the things we’ve done this week that is what you need to be doing day in and day out to grow a successful business so commit commit to this process the last thing I want to say to you if there are people out there who are desperate desperate for what we have so are you sharing this opportunity just as much as you’re assuring the products there’s desperation for both but I can tell you there are people that are laying their head down every evening and they’re thinking about all the debt you’re thinking about their bills they’re thinking about how they can cut their grocery budget in half there were people that are desperate for our opportunity and it is your responsibility to share with the people in your life and in your circle and people that you meet that come across your path as you live your day in and day out life you guys are amazing commit commit commit I want this for all of you and as I say so often this business is not for the few it is for the plenty I’ve enjoyed this week with you all