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Day 6


hey everyone welcome to silver and seven challenge day six

Today we’re gonna talk about the importance of follow-up I know all of us have probably heard the phrase the fortune is in the follow up and it’s so true I have people on my team at level one and I have several customers that I had to follow up with three four five even some upwards of 12 to 15 times before they join my team or ordered from me for the first time I have people on my team that I’ve followed up with for a year’s time before they joined me so don’t think that if someone doesn’t order right away or doesn’t join right away that they aren’t interested remember they haven’t experienced the magic of the pink drink yet they don’t know how amazing it is like all of us do so it’s on the back burner of their mind and it may not be a top priority to them so that is why follow up is so important back in the beginning of my business I used to be scared to follow up more than like two or three times so so scared that I was going to annoy them or turn them off but I realized but if I didn’t follow up one of two things would happen they would forget about the conversations we’d had previously or two they would end up ordering or joining someone else because their interest would continue to be peaked but I wasn’t the one peeking their interest because I wasn’t continuing to plant seeds and follow up with them so don’t be scared to follow that now I want to talk to you a little bit about verbage with follow up a couple of things that are so important is you always want to assume the sale in other words you want to assume that they’re going to order from you that’s gonna cause positive speak you want to assume that they’re gonna join your team that’s gonna call it the way you were things to them to be positive and it’s gonna exude confidence so for example let’s say you’ve been speaking to someone about the business opportunity it’s been three or four days since you’ve chatted with them you’re going to follow up hey so-and-so I’m so excited I just want to check in with you I cannot wait for you to join this team you are going to do amazing things you’re gonna be so blessed by this business I’m so excited that we’re gonna get to do this journey together so you’re talking and the positive you are assuming the clothes assuming they are going to join your team same thing goes with the customer oh my goodness I’m so excited about you try on these products you are gonna love the tropics combo I cannot wait for you experience the health benefits that I have oh I’m just pumped for you so always again assume the sale assume the positive assumed they’re going to join and more than likely they will as you begin to speak that way another tip on follow up some people love a good deal right who loves to go shopping and see some things 10% off or 15 dollars off so sometimes if I have a thin sitter that I know would be so amazing in this business I will offer them a deal okay so let’s say that I’ve been speaking with them for a couple weeks a couple months whatever it might be and I’m like I gotta get this gal or this guy on my team I may go to him and say hey this weekend I’m running a special oh my goodness it’s gonna last until Sunday at 11:00 Central Standard Time it is $15 off the joining fee this would be the perfect time for you to go ahead and jump in do you want me to call you sometime today or tomorrow morning so I can walk you through the process so just offering them some sort of deal to close the deal if there’s a corporate special going on maybe corporate offers free shipping or ten percent off or whatever it may be that is such a great time to follow up with your potential as your potential customers and your potential ambassadors because everybody loves a deal now we’re talking about silver and Stedman so all the people that you spoke with and I encourage you to reach out to those first couple of days I want you to go back and follow up with them if they have not yet jumped on board with you remember use positive bourbon speak with confidence speak with enthusiasm maybe find a testimony that you know that would relate to them and what they’re currently dealing with and send it to them hey so-and-so I read this today and I thought of you and I thought this would really really encourage you because it’s so involved with your story and the current issues that you’re dealing with assume the cell be confident be bold don’t be scared to follow up remember you want to keep planting those seeds hope you guys have a great day two more days for silver and seven have a good one