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Day 5 – Don’t Take It Personal


so imagine that you walk into this famous restaurant that is known for its gourmet coffee and pastries you’re sitting there with your friends you’re having a good time you’re making a big conversation with the white dress and the waitress comes over and she says oh you guys are coffee I’m hoping you’re here for the coffee it’s unbelievable we’re known for it across the state who wants coffee and there’s five of you sitting there three of you say oh love some coffee I’ve heard great things about your coffee I cannot wait to try it and then you and the other person they say now I’m good think so it sounds great but just not feeling it right now do you think that waitress goes back into the kitchen and feels rejected or takes it personal because you didn’t want coffee and your other friend didn’t either no I guarantee you no she doesn’t take it personal that’s exactly how we have to be with our plexus business not everyone is going to say yes to these products not everyone is going to say yes to this opportunity and that’s okay that’s not rejection it’s not personal I see far too often that people are scared to ask because they’re afraid of hearing the word no you guys are gonna hear the word no I’ve heard the word no more times than I can count I’ve also heard not yet four months before someone joins my team or tries the products that’s so normal so don’t take it personal and don’t let it discourage you so today I want to challenge you to go for knows I want you to reach out to three more new people and every single one of them they say no or they may ignore your message or they may not get back to you for a few days whatever it may be but I want you to go for know for three more people so that’s our first task our second task continue those three ways I did too with my level one yesterday and they went so well so continue to bring your upline into those three-way chats for three-way calls to talk with potentials about the products or about the business opportunity and the next I want you to find a way to bring up plexus in your everyday life when you’re at the grocery store when you’re out shopping for new shoes when you are going to get a pedicure or going to Starbucks whatever it may be fun ways to bring up plexus in your daily life again don’t be afraid of rejection don’t be afraid of know what’s the worst that can happen I do this often I take Abigail my sweet little four-year-old to chick-fil-a she loves her chicken nuggets but the main thing she loves is playing on the playground guess what there’s always moms in there so I strike up a casual conversation for a few minutes and eventually I say sorry you stay home mom or I ask them what they do and you know what they then ask me what I do is just a natural flow of conversation and so I get to share with them my elevator speech so to see my 20 to 30 seconds of what I do and then I always try to intrigue them to ask me more questions I have gotten so many new Facebook friends from doing that exact thing in a casual warm engaging conversation asking them questions about themselves so try to be aware when you’re out and about of who you can bring up just casual conversation with and if you do get a good conversation here’s a tip always say I love chatting with you today are you facebook or maybe Instagram if they say yes pull them up right then and bring them right then so you don’t forget and they probably go ahead and jump in their car and accept you right away so go for knows be confident and be bold don’t take things personal if people don’t say yes right away or if they say no continue to reach out to three new people today and find a way to bring up Lexus and your daily life welcome to challenge day Bob we’ll see you soon