Silver in Seven

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Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 10 weeks

Day 4



welcome to silver in seven day four

The challenge today is super simple I want you to schedule in the next four to five days if it all possible a three-way call or 3-way chat with your upline and if your direct up one it’s not someone that’s super committed to their business or they’re not working their business go to your next step Ron and ask them if they’d be willing to do a chat or a call with you and your prospect to your potential the reason I say the phone over the three-way chat impossible is so they can hear you’re up on story they can hear their passion their excitement and their enthusiasm about this business and about our life-changing products I have a video on prospecting calls with some good verbage because I would encourage you not to use verbage like upline or Julie ambassador or sponsor and instead use verbage like my dear friend or my sweet friend you’re gonna love chatting with her it’ll only take 15 or 20 minutes I just want you to hear her story because it’s truly amazing it’s so inspiring and I know she will love you and relate to you so well for XYZ reason and I’ll post that video in the comments for you also to watch and it will help you with a verbage and getting someone on a three-way call or three-way chat with your upline so that is it that is it comment below with who you are going to schedule this this three-way chat or three-way call with so that is the task for today and I want you guys to get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis not just with a silver and seven challenge I want you to start reaching out to those potentials and getting them on calls with your upline it has been amazing for my own personal business to do this and one on one with potentials or to do this with several of my level ones and my level T’s to help them seal the deal so to speak because everyone in this business has a story everyone has a story and no story is too small it’s all about sharing that passion and enthusiasm with that potential and help me inspire and motivate them this truly is the best opportunity out there alright guys see you tomorrow