Silver in Seven

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Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 10 weeks

Day 3


hey everyone welcome to day three of silver in seven

Today I want to challenge you in a couple of different areas the first area is to expand your network on Facebook so maybe you pull out your high school or your college your book and look through and see who you can add you aren’t already Facebook friends with I did this when I first started because I only had around 300 to 315 Facebook friends and I knew that I needed to expand my network so I pulled out your books and I looked through and found tons of people that I had a relationship with that I wasn’t friends with on Facebook so I began to add the ones that made sense to me and also if you take a look on Facebook a lot of times that will advertise people you know take a look through there find those people that you can connect with even if they were a long term or a long time ago acquaintances from several years ago if it still makes sense you had somewhat of a relationship maybe you’re in Bible say together a community group did a community service project together whatever it might be connect with them request to add them on Facebook maybe go to some of your closest friends and look at all of their friends list most of those are public and you might see five ten people that you have a connection with but you haven’t connected with on social media just yet so I want to challenge you to expand your network today on social media by at least ten people the second challenge is about social media your friends that are watching you I can guarantee that you are not the only plexus person in their newsfeed so we have to set ourselves apart so I want you to think about how you can help others every single time that you post this week so for the next five days to complete our challenge every single day I want you to post something that’s personal no story is too small no victory is too tiny it will impact one be vulnerable be personal share your heart forget clapping and pasting other people’s coast this week and speak from your heart because that is going to touch people and again we have to inspire people none of your friends want to be advertised to no one wants to read one of your plexus posts and feel like it’s an advertisement if you see a post go viral a lot of times with him plexus we see someone posts a great post then all of a sudden everyone is posting it God don’t do that save it in wait a month because you want to be genuine and it all adding values you and if you values plexus and look so in genuine when we post everybody posts the same post and so I want to encourage you in that to make these personal those are the most important posts that are personal try to stay away from silly graphics do I use a graphic every once in a while sure but if you went and scrolled through my Facebook page you will see post after post after post that a personal picture probably 9.5 times out of 10 so the inspiring show your enthusiasm but keep it personal okay now here’s the third car in the most fun part as people are liking your posts that are non plexus people or they’re commenting money more information or asking a question let them know you’re gonna message them then private message tip start that conversation start asking some questions and then tell them saying you know what I’m gonna add my product view which is your upload and I’m gonna add my product view to this chat because I really want her to be able to help recommend the best product regimen for you this does two things it’s going to highlight your upline who has probably been doing this quite a bit longer possibly and they’re able to pour their expert advice into this person and build belief from a third party and then secondly a lot of times these three-way chats you’re up on who’s the expert right they are able to help you close the deal I have done countless 3-way chats to help people close the deal on a potential customer or a potential ambassador and so regardless if they decide to join or they decide to order you are planting those seeds and you have allowed your upline to come in and help build the lease and inspire and plant those seeds right along with you and you’ll get to learn if you’re newer and you’ll get to learn how they are using and verbage to help you know push that fell along or to help and show them how amazing our products are how amazing our business plan is so on what I’m courage you to also utilize your upline and in a free way chat to help further along that process of getting them to join you or order as a new customer you guys can do this commit with me hang in there with me I am doing these activities right alongside you continue to try to expand my network reaching out to people so that I can also go silver again I believe in you guys hang in there with me and have a great great day