Silver in Seven

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Day 2


welcome to day two of silver and seven!

Today we are going to spend some more time expanding that list that we talked about yesterday so I want you to commit to another three minutes of sitting down no distractions and writing down more names as many things you can think of and I want you to think about acquaintances so even taking a look at the people that you wrote down yesterday and there may be some people that you know because you know that person on your list I’ll give you an example I have a dear friend in Little Rock Arkansas who knows everyone so every time she has a get-together she I’m invited and several of her other circle of friends are invited well I know probably seven to ten people just because I know my dear friend who invites me along to her in some parties her girls nights and I would only know them because of her so I want you to think about what people do you have in your network that’s an acquaintance because of a dear friend of yours or a family member so write down some acquaintances then after that three to five minutes I want you to circle three more names that you’re going to reach out to today okay tap part two I want you to go to the YouTube channel and I want you to look up diamond documentaries I want you to watch at least two diamond documentaries this is for two different reasons one it’s going to build your belief we have to have strong belief to be enthusiastic and to be passionate about this business and those diamonds entrepreneurs are going to show you that such a wide variety of people have made it to the top with plexus so I want you to start getting more and more familiar with those stories the second reason is you may be chatting with someone and the more diamond documentaries that are kind of danger good that you know their stories you think oh my goodness she or he would so relate to this person and their story then you can go get that done during link and you can Senate div and say oh my goodness you have got to watch this diamond document you would so relate to this person for X Y & Z reasons I’ve had so many people on our team alone use my diamond my diamond documentary to help bring along the potential and say this is a girl that I know small town girl in Arkansas who you know live in her dreams I’m going to relate to her story and see her story and it’s proven to be very successful for them using mine and a wide variety of doctored documents for cross plexus so what’s two diamond documentaries at least and start to build your repertoire of what those documentaries stand for so that you can use those in the future and hey if you have someone on that list that you think I just watched that documentary and they would so relate that story send that to them it’s part of your message because we’re again going to reach out to three new people make it personal you guys make it personal spend some time on your messages they’ll just copy and paste something you wrote yesterday but make it personal talk about the pictures are there kids that you saw a few days ago or they just got back from vacation make it personal where they know that you’re invested in them and you’re not just hastily writing a message to try to get them to join your team but I want you to think about those people out of those three people would they really rock this business and you’re like man this person would be amazing or do they really need this opportunity are they going to stay home with their children are they needing to help cover and their mortgage payment or they wanting to get out of debt who needs this opportunity and who would be amazing in its opportunity those are the things I want you to have wheeling around in your mind and when you’re thinking of those three you’re gonna reach out today and lastly I want you to go and watch the corporate compensation plan video we have to understand our compensation plan so we know we’re offering to people because that is one of the things I’m so incredibly passionate about because there is nothing like plexuses compensation plan it is second to none and remember we are plexuses marketing we’re their sales force we are the ones that are presenting these products and presenting this opportunity so you want to be knowledgeable about both but today we’re going to focus on the compensation play video and I will put in the comments the new corporate comp plan video and a couple of others you can watch as well if you really want to get a good grasp on how all this works I’m excited for you guys stay committed keep doing the challenges let me know what three names you’re reaching out to today and let’s do this happy challenge