Silver in Seven

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Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 10 weeks

Day 1


Welcome to our first day of silver in seven!

The very first thing I want to say to you is that I believe in you… that I 100% believe that you can either go silver for the first time in this next seven days or, if you’re a more seasoned ambassador, you can go silver again in the next seven days… because we’re going to be intentional and we’re going to be purposeful over the next seven days!

The second thing is I want you to commit to this week! Don’t dabble in this. Don’t do some of the challenges. Don’t just watch the videos. But participate fully! Go all in with me, and participate every single day and complete these challenges!

So challenge one… I want you to take three minutes. Whether you set up a timer on your iPhone or you set the timer in your kitchen I want you to sit down for three full minutes without distractions and write every single name down that comes to mind just get a new piece of paper out and write every single name down for three minutes if you’re a seasoned ambassador you’ve heard me talk about list making a lot but I want you to get a new piece of paper out and I won’t either write down new things I want you to revisit and kind of start fresh so three minutes as many names as possible and then when you get that list completed I want you to take you the top three names that you wrote down or just scour the list and pick three names out from that list and I’m way to contact them today where that’s a text message where that’s picking up the phone where that’s your neighbor and walking over and you know bringing them a glass of lemonade and chatting with them whether it’s asking when your friends to go to dinner with you tonight or a coffee date whether it’s setting up a three-way call with a potential with you and the potential and your upline I want you to be intentional today in reaching out to those three people we all have influence over three people in our lives right we all have influence on three people I know when I went silver I didn’t know much about list-making at that point I was thinking of people that I wanted to ask to join me on this story because I was passionate and I was excited about it and I remember praying for the whole month of September of 2013 God just show me three people just show me three people and on the last day of September I went sober with the third person that had been on my mind that I had proach t’ boldly I’ve given her samples and then tours it into the month I said join me on this journey so who are those three people for you today who are those three people that you are going to intentionally and purposefully reach out to and ask to join you on this journey God be excited be enthusiastic show your passion we all know these products work just on our team alone across plexus there are thousands of stories of true life change with our amazing products so your belief has to be high your belief in our company your belief in our compensation plan network marketing is the most brilliant business out there and you are a part of it so be bold be passionate when you’re sharing about network marketing because there’s nothing else like it two and a half years ago I was facing $100,000 in debt from us for my husband’s school loans from going to PA school and you know living out his passion to be a PA and now two and a half years later we’re completely free of all school and debt from its PA school loans and to even the ones that he had previously from becoming a licensed respiratory therapist free of that you guys two and a half years ago I thought it would be under that that debt for years and years to come network marketing is brilliant but we have to be passionate we have to be bold we have to be enthusiastic for sharing and we have to have belief in ourselves so we’re approaching these people that we want to join on this journey with us we are showing passion we were showing that confidence and saying you’ve got to do this with me I have found the best thing out here with life-changing products a unique and incredibly generous compensation plan and you need to lock arms of me because I’m going to the top so again just to recap three minutes every name you can think of and then I want you to take three names that I want you to reach out today and share boldly with these people all right you guys can do this whether you’re hitting silver for the first time and you’re getting that $100 bonus from plexus or you’re going for silver again you can do this find those three just for today and reach out this is day one a way to commit I want you to screenshot the message that you said or if you send a text message let us know comment below who you’re reaching out to the three names and that you were going for and you’re all in alright guys see you tomorrow for day two