Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

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Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

What is Jewel Bound?

Jewel Bound is a thriving community of individuals committed to improving health, wealth, and happiness for themselves and others by sharing resources and support on their Journey to Jewel!

The Jewel Bound sites offer two main kinds of support as outlined here (and in the video, below):

  1. https://jewelbound.com (Red) is the main website, filled with formal support tools and resources!
  2. https://community.jewelbound.com (Green) is where all community questions, and discussions unfold!



When you’re not in a course, you’ve probably noticed that ⬆︎ top navigation bar. Here’s what each button represents:

The Jewel Bound Courses are designed to inform and train you on all things Plexus! Learn all about Plexus products so you can be a product expert! Learn to share Plexus and grow your business. Learn to automate business processes and duplicate successful business practices!

The Calendar of Events is designed to connect you to all the events being offered by Plexus Worldwide, including their sales training, product training, and opportunity meetings! Some teams may also have a shared team calendar that also shows team zoom calls, meetups, or other events!

The Resources Page is designed to provide you with one-click access to all of the tools and resources that you use on a daily basis as you’re building your Plexus business. If there’s something you want to have one-click access to, click the “Suggest a Resource” button to propose your idea!

The Community Discussions are where Jewel Bound really comes alive! It’s like a Facebook Group, but better! Here is where you can ask questions, get inspired and motivated to work hard, find accountability partners, and share your Plexus knowledge with Ambassadors across Plexus teams! #oneplexus