Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

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Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Welcome to Plexus!

Congratulations on beginning your journey as a new Plexus Independent Ambassador! Are you excited to get to know more about Plexus?! Most people become an ambassador to get discounted pricing on the powerful Plexus products that are formulated to improve their health and wellness. As new ambassadors begin taking their Plexus products, they are amazed at how their health improves and they start to think of others who would benefit from knowing about these supplements.

It’s so natural to share with others when you have something you really think will help them. People are usually receptive to trying something new when they’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to work, and especially when others they trust are offering recommendations. This is where Plexus really shines! As you share Plexus, and people start using and loving the products as much as you, it becomes easy to see how simple it is to grow a Plexus business by doing what you love… inviting others to join you on your path to a rich and healthy life!

Success will look different for everyone, but if you are consistent with taking your products, and sharing your successes with others, Plexus will help you…

Reach your health and wellness goals that may include:
  • Losing weight, inches, or both!
  • Having more energy!
  • Being less stressed and feeling more in control!
  • So many other health benefits!


Reach your financial goals that likely include:
  • More monthly income!
  • Financial independence!
  • Passive or residual income!

You’ve taken the most important step to ensuring your success as a new Plexus Ambassador, by enrolling in this course! We are here to help you find success with Plexus and provide you with courses, roadmaps, tools, resources, and a thriving network of encouragement and support on your journey to jewel!