Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Success Guide – Roadmap to Success

The Plexus Success Guide is quite possibly the most important resource in the Welcome Pack for any Ambassador hoping to build and grow a thriving and successful Plexus business. This booklet contains the knowledge and recipes for success. Seriously… don’t skip a page in this booklet! Here are just a few of the highlights that you don’t want to miss!

  • PAGE 19 ➞ Set your pace! Pick how fast you want to grow your business? Share your dates with your sponsor so they can help you get there!
  • PAGE 20 ➞ Creating Your Connections (F.R.A.N.K.S.) List (Another great way to keep track of this is by getting started using the 64-list worksheet
  • PAGE 25 ➞ Your Daily IPA’s. These Daily Income Producing Activities are what are going to build your business! Download and Print the free daily checklist you can print out, to guide your daily goals and Income Producing Activities!
  • PAGE 66 ➞ Learn about “The Power of Three!” Also see page 68 where you can view how many points you will get for your first 3 levels. A great resource to visualize how your team is built!
  • PAGE 79 ➞ How do you make money as a Plexus Ambassador?! Be sure to learn about the Compensation Plan!
  • PAGE 88 ➞ Glossary?! 🤓 This may seem silly, but we promise you won’t regret it! Knowing the Plexus jargon will really help you as you start attending team meetings and especially as you start building your business.


  • Friends

    From Church, high school & college alumni, Wedding party, golf & bowling buddies, hunting club, knitting & quilting club, Bingo / card game buddies, movie friends, Dinner Club, dancing club, and coffee group.

  • Relatives

    Parents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles, adult children, grandparents, cousins, and in laws. After SHARING PLEXUS with these relatives, make a new list with their friends.\

  • Acquaintances

    From church, hair dresser, nail tech, massage therapist, chiropractor, dentist, doctors, accountant, insurance agent, real estate agent, interior designer, gardener, florist, caterer, baker, electrician, plumber, grocery store clerk, people you work out with at the gym.

  • Neighbors

    Babysitters, postman, newspaper delivery person, people that live on your street, people that live in your apartment complex.

  • Kid’s Connections

    Parents of your kids classmates, kid’s teachers, principals, coaches, dancing teachers, piano teachers, art teachers, karate instructors, scout leaders, and librarians.

  • Spouse Connections and/or Service Organizations

    Talk with your spouse and work on creatinga FRANKS list for them, to double your potential contacts! Service Organizations are another great option. If you don’t belong to any you might want to check it out these: Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club Lion’s Club, Pilot International, American Legion, Red Cross, Relay for Life, Big Brother’s and Sister’s, and the local animal shelter.