Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks


The Resources page is one of the most valuable places in on the Jewel Bound site because it’s a one-stop-shop for Plexus Ambassadors to locate and launch the most popular resources that you use on the daily!

Are you looking for your back office? Let’s say you just got paid and received a commission for signing up some new Plexus Ambassadors. The Resources page has a quick link directly to your Plexus Wallet where you can access your money!

Want to buy some Plexus Swag or business cards? Use the Swag Shop link! Maybe you want to grab a drink, and snuggle up in a warm blanket while you get motivated by binge-watching some Diamond Documentaries! The Resources page has it all!

The best part about this Resources page is that if there’s a tool/resource for Plexus that you use ALL. THE. TIME. and you want one-click access to it, you can click the “Suggest a Resource” button to request that your resource be added to the growing list. Easy Peasy ツ