Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Annual Product Catalog

The Plexus Product Catalog is not just a catalog that beautifully displays all of the Plexus Products (though it definitely does that!) In addition to showcasing Plexus’ amazing products, and pricing, it also provides valuable knowledge and statistics to help you as a new Plexus Ambassador.

The Catalog even includes uplifting and inspiring stories. It dives into a little more detail about each supplement, than the product cards, by giving additional benefits and features for each product. It’s a great resource and well worth your time to read through it!

Pro-Tip: Consider using this as a visual aid and informational reference if you are meeting with a friend or family member and sharing Plexus with them! Consider leaving your Catalog in a place where you frequently chat with people about Plexus (e.g. office, car, bedroom, etc.)

If you read nothing else, you should definitely familiarize yourself with pages 8 and 9! This is a great way to help explain how the TriPlex works to improve our gut health… ⬇︎