Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

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Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Plexus Today

Thanks to our product research and development teams, today we are a company with over 20 products that promote healthful living and healthy lifestyles. We are a network of more than hundreds of thousands Independent Ambassadors across the United States and Canada. It’s our product philosophy and our promise to you that all of our products are pure, potent, and guaranteed.

Health and happiness really do add up fast! Every year, Plexus produces…

13 Million


103 Million

Stick Packs

647 Million



Two of Plexus’ owners got their start in the industry as distributors—Plexus’ International President Alfred Pettersen and CEO Tarl Robinson. Plexus’ executives are proud of the culture they have created within the company. The compensation plan (which can be found and reviewed in-depth in your virtual office, under “Compensation Tools”) is just one example of the way Plexus puts its Ambassadors at the heart of the business.



We truly feel we’re partners with them… All the decisions we make are focused on our Ambassadors. We want their lives to be better because of Plexus. ~ Alec Clark