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Plexus Begins…

Know from whence you came.
If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.

~ James Baldwin

Plexus Worldwide started in 2008 as a Breast Health company that specialized in one product; a self exam breast kit with a new breast cream to help easily detect breast abnormalities. Plexus began as a humble network marketing company focused on bringing health and happiness to its customers and ambassadors.

At about this same time, a doctor and a scientific nutritionist got together with a desire to create a plant-based, consumable product for diabetics in hopes of reducing their need for diabetic medication/insulin. In the clinical trial, they discovered that the diabetics reported:

  • better daytime energy
  • better sleep at night
  • blood sugars balanced out to normal
  • they were no longer needing their medication
  • they had a reduced appetite
  • they lost their desire for sugar
  • they no longer needed their cholesterol or blood pressure medication
    AND as a side effect of these things…
  • they were losing weight!

The doctor and scientist knew they had something big and now needed a company to market it!

Plexus Worldwide was approached by the scientists and asked to market this product as a weight loss product in 2009. Being that Plexus was feeling the 2008 recession, and their breast cream products were not in high demand, a weight loss product was exactly what they needed. In the following years, the co-developers developed many other plant-based products to go in conjunction with the Slim drink that would aid in quicker fat loss, digestive health, discomfort relief, and overall health.

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