Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Enrolling & Placing Orders

We have some other courses, like Simple Success, which walk you through the process of helping others place orders. Your prospects can join Plexus in one of three ways which are outlined in depth HERE. The people that we are contacting, for the most part, are folks who would be interested in growing a successful business and passive income.

Retail Customers

  1. They buy from your site (or personal inventory, if you have any on-hand)
  2. They purchase Plexus products at full Retail price
  3. They increase your monthly PV! You receive “Retail Rewards Commission” as your PV grows ➞ 15% (over 100 PV) or 25% (over 500 PV)
  4. You also receive a 5% “Retail Reward Override Commission” on all of the PV of your Level 1 Ambassadors


Preferred Customers

  1. They buy from your site and have a subscription set up
  2. They purchase Plexus products at a discount from standard Retail Customer pricing
  3. They increase your monthly PV, and you receive commission of 15% (over 100 PV) or 25% (over 500 PV)
  4. You receive a variable “Preferred Customer Bonus” commissions, based on the product purchased.


Wholesale Customer – aka Ambassador

  1. They enroll as a Plexus Ambassador for $39.95 and have the opportunity to build a business and get a commission for sharing and building a team (just like you!)
  2. They buy from their own site and purchase Plexus products with the deepest discount (wholesale price)
    1. Sometimes people who just want to use the products will enroll as an Ambassador b/c they want discounted prices. Think of this like a Costco membership. Pay once and get the deepest price discount for an entire year. Other folks will join as an Ambassador b/c they (like you) see the business opportunity and potential to become financially free! They are often referred to as a “Business Builders”
  3. You receive that 5% “Retail Reward Override Commission” on all of the PV of your Level 1 Ambassadors
  4. You receive a “Business Building Bonus” for the Welcome Pack they order ($99WP = $25 or $199WP = $25 + 5 Plexus Points!)
  5. You receive “Plexus Points” commissions for each ambassador in your downline with at least 100 PV


Whenever helping someone get started with Plexus as any of the three options above, you’ll always want to sign them up over the phone. It is a much better experience for them and you can usually smooth out any questions and concerns right at the moment. Read through these instructions and practice talking through signing someone up.
Right after they have ordered, make sure you remind them to look out for an email that will welcome them to your team. Then, right when you get off the phone, be sure to send them a WELCOME email! If your team is using an automated messaging/email system, you’ll want to add this new member to the proper drip campaign. (DO NOT forget to do this. Adding them to the campaign the day they sign up is crucial to keep the emails coming at the correct times during the beginning of their journey.)

Remember: The comprehensive Compensation plan shows the 11 ways that YOU and your Ambassadors earn commission. It’s helpful to have a combination of Retail/Preferred/Wholesale customers in your org… but Ambassadors will help you to duplicate and scale your business!