Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Compliance Awareness


As an Independent Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, there are some “rules and regulations” to be aware of as you begin sharing Plexus and marketing the products and the business opportunity. Please take a few minutes to skim through the comprehensive PDF of the Policies and Procedures.

It can be somewhat daunting to read through all of the Policies and Procedures, so Plexus created a Compliance Quick Tips document. Plexus wants you to be successful as you being this new business venture because when we win, Plexus wins! These guidelines are intended to prevent us from making any false claims or doing any false advertising, in order to legally protect ourselves and Plexus. After reviewing the Quick Tips, you’ll have a really good perspective on how we can market Plexus products and the business opportunity.

The Plexus Way is another great resources to learn how to share the products and remain complaint! They have loads of articles and blogs with tips, tricks, and advice. One click access of The Plexus Way can be found in the Jewel Bound Resources tab, as well!

Here’s a great video with examples of things you should and should NOT say about Plexus products…

Are you still worried about navigating the legal waters of local, state, and federal advertising regulations? Do you still have any questions about the Ambassador Policies and Procedures? Plexus Compliance has your back! Contact them and they will help you.