Plexus Ambassador Complete Training (PACT)

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Total learning: 30 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 2 weeks

Compensation Plan



These top earners in the company just explained the different ways you can make money with Plexus. Did you catch that there are 11 ways to earn income with Plexus?! This opportunity is truly exceptional. Typical “jobs” and business opportunities will have you trading your time, for money… forever! Back in my Corporate America job there were only a few ways to make money: Bi-weekly paychecks, annual (cost of living) salary bumps, occasional bonuses, and rare promotions. I had to hustle and grind, putting in countless 12+ hr days, in order to be eligible for these pay increases!

Your earning potential with Plexus is literally unlimited. As you continue to build and grow your team, while helping them to build theirs, you will tap into the great residual and passive income benefits that thousands of other Plexus Ambassadors enjoy.

Surprisingly, however, a majority of Plexus Ambassadors are not making a fortune. Why not?! One of the biggest reasons for this is that people just LOVE THE PRODUCTS! They join as an Ambassador because they want wholesale pricing each month, on the products they love.

Most ambassadors aren’t like us… they aren’t working to replace, or even just supplement their current income. It’s ideal to have a combination of these product users, as well as business builders, in your organization. So never feel discouraged if someone doesn’t want to build a Plexus business… you’ll soon discover that EVERYONE needs the health benefits of Plexus products, and your product users will help grow your business! We’ll go into greater depth on these benefits in other courses about Plexus products!

Compensation Plan ➞ Summary (3 pages)

This is a great doc to print out and keep handy. You might even want to laminate it and share with your prospects as you’re telling them about the business opportunity with Plexus.

Compensation Plan ➞ Full (18 pages)

Getting to know the ins and outs of the Plexus Compensation plan will be invaluable as you start laying the foundation for your Plexus business. The more clear you are on how to earn income, bonuses, and commission with Plexus, the easier it will be for you to set realistic goals you can work towards, each month!

Plexus Wallet

When you receive your first paycheck from Plexus you will get an email with instructions to sign up for you “Plexus Wallet”. You have two options with your Plexus money. You can leave it in your Plexus wallet and use the money towards future Plexus orders, or you can have it direct deposited into a bank of your choosing! We have provided one-click access to your Plexus wallet from the “★ Resources” tab in JewelBound! ➞  

Other Compensation Video Resources

  1. Kodie Helmer gives another way to visualize the Plexus Compensation Plan
  2. Arielle Dennis entertains us as she reviews the 11 ways to make money with Plexus
  3. Shoshanna Easling illustrates how the Plexus compensation plan is superior to other MLMs
  4. Part 1 – Former Plexus International President, Alfred Petterson, explains the unique Plexus Comp plan
  5. Part 2 – Current CEO and President (respectively) rehash the 11 ways to earn in the unique Plexus Comp plan